Z-250 E-Glass Fiber Tape

Z-250 E-Glass Fiber Tape

Characteristics and application:

It is made of alkali-free glass fiber yarn, through weaving, has the advantages of heat resistance, insulation, used as tying coil in motor or electric appliance.

1.Good thermal resistance 
2.Excellent corrosion resistance 
3.High electrical insulating properties


Alkali free fiberglass tape is woven of alkali-free E-fiberglass yarn.


Good thermal resistance

Excellent corrosion resistance

High electrical insulating properties


Widely used as wrapping and binding materials for transformer, motor and cable

No. ITEM Unit Normal Value
1 Length m ≥50
2 Thinkness mm 0.06-0.20
3  Width mm 15.2-25.3
4 Tightness cm chaine 27 ± 1
chaine 15 ± 1
5 Breaking Strength mm ≥400N/20


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