Yellow and green epoxy board

Yellow and green epoxy board that good?

Yellow and green are the two main colors of epoxy board. Many people who do not understand the insulating material industry may not be able to choose which type of epoxy board they need. What kind of yellow and green epoxy board is better? In fact, I think they have no distinction, and each has its own advantages. Why do you say that? Let’s talk about it specifically.
yellow epoxy board
Yellow epoxy board:
It includes two models, 3240 and FR-4, of which the performance of the 3240 epoxy board is slightly inferior. It is suitable for medium-demand appliances and electronics as insulating parts. The 3240 epoxy board is not very natural yellow, the color does not look very shiny, but its price is relatively advantageous. The FR-4 epoxy board is relatively natural in color, use and performance of high electrical and electronic products as insulation components, such as: high and low distribution cabinets, transformers, engines, aerospace equipment and so on.

green fr4 glassfiber sheet
Green epoxy board:
Its model generally includes three models: FR-4, G10, and G11. And their performance is better than one. Natural prices are of course higher than one. Among them, the thermal stress of the G11 epoxy board is as high as 288 degrees and the high temperature resistance is as high as 160 degrees. The water absorption is very good. Even if it is immersed in water for 24 hours, its water absorption rate is only: 0.09%. This will undoubtedly greatly increase its insulation performance.

To sum up, the yellow epoxy board is generally cheap and the green epoxy board has better performance. Everyone in the process of purchasing, according to their own use, choose the most suitable for their own, I think it is good. If you have any questions? Can contact us online.

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