XU611 Electrician Insulation Material White Cotton Tape

XU611 Electrician Insulation Material  White Cotton Tape

1.Class: Temperature classification is B.

2.Features: It is made of Imported polyester filaments, through spinning and weaving, has the advantages of heat resistance, insulation.

3.Standard: JB Standard

4.Application: Widely used as tying coil in motor electric appliance and transformer.

5. Specification:

Thickness: 0.10—0.25mm

 Width: 20mm/25mm/30mm/50mm

 Length: 30M/roll.

Technical parameter

No. ITEM Unit Normal Value
1  Length m ≥20
2  Thinkness mm 0.10-0.25
3  Width mm 10-100
4  Shrinkage Rate mm ≥400N/20

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