Working dry type transformer forced to stop


Why does dry-type transformers have to stop?
1. Dry-type transformers catch fire. In this case, dry-type transformers must be
immediately disabled.
2. After discovering that the casing of the dry-type transformer has serious damage and
discharge, stop using it immediately and have it checked by professionals.
3, dry-type transformer oil pillow and safety air injection smoke
4. The presence of carbon in the oil of dry-type transformers, excessive changes in oil
color, etc.
5. The internal sound of the dry-type transformer is loud and explosion sounds must be
immediately disabled to prevent dangerous accidents.
6, under the normal load and cooling conditions, the dry-type transformer oil temperature
is not normal, and also continues to increase the case
Dry-type transformers require immediate power outages when these symptoms occur, and if
there is no power failure, there will be life-threatening conditions and dry-type
transformers will be damaged. We need to solve them immediately. If you are experiencing
any of the above events, you must be careful to avoid danger!

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