Wide use of fiberglass panels

Wide use of fiberglass panels


use of fiberglass panels
With the continuous development of new glass fiber sheet and building materials, the new building materials are new varieties of building materials that are different from traditional brick and stone, limestone and other building materials, including many varieties and categories. From the functional point of view, there are wall materials, decorative materials, door and window materials, insulation materials, waterproof materials, bonding and sealing materials, as well as a variety of five gold pieces, plastic parts and various auxiliary materials. From the material, not only natural materials, but also chemical materials, metal materials, non-metallic materials and so on.

The new building materials have excellent characteristics such as light weight, high strength, heat preservation, energy saving, soil conservation and decoration. The use of new building materials not only greatly improves the function of the house, but also makes the interior and exterior of the building more modern and meets the aesthetic requirements of the people; some new building materials can significantly reduce the weight of the building and create conditions for the promotion of light building structures. The modernization of building construction technology has greatly accelerated the speed of building houses.

The performance and function of new building materials vary, and the raw materials and process methods for producing new building materials are also different. As far as its development is concerned, some varieties are heavy in color, and there are endless varieties of flowers and colors, such as decorative materials; some varieties focus on functions, such as insulation materials; others are derived from deep processing, such as new building boards. . Take the new building board as an example. At present, there are dozens of new types of building boards. Among them, paper gypsum board, glass fiber reinforced cement (GRC) board and non-asbestos silicon calcium board are the three new types of building boards with the largest production volume and the most common application in China.

These three kinds of plates are not only different in raw materials, but also have different production processes and different performances and functions. For example, the main raw materials of gypsum board are gypsum and face paper, which are suitable for interior wall panels and ceiling panels; the main raw materials for glass fiber reinforced cement board are low alkali cement and alkali resistant glass fiber, suitable for interior and exterior wall panels; The main raw material of the board is silicon calcium material. In addition to being used as inner and outer wall panels, it can also be used for decoration and furniture that is combined with houses.

The same characteristics of these three kinds of plates are: using them as the original plates, and then respectively providing functional materials such as anti-seepage, heat preservation and fire prevention, and adopting composite technology to produce various new wall materials with superior light weight and superior performance. In addition, the raw materials used are non-metallic materials, and they are the three most easily available non-metallic materials. The market demand for these three types of plates is also very large, and the development is also very optimistic.

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