Why is the insulation life on the transformer short?

Why the life of insulating materialsĀ on the transformer is short

It can be no exaggeration to say: “Transformers play an indispensable role in the survival of the whole people”. If there is no transformer, there is no dividable equipment. In our daily life, electrical equipment is useless. But in recent years, according to statistical results, almost all of them are due to insulation defects. What is the specific reason?

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Next, let’s see why the service life of insulation materials on transformers is short

1. overload delivery. It is not difficult to see from the above figures that China is a large power consuming country. Of course, the voltage is also rising. This is a great test for insulation. It not only accelerates the aging of materials, but also causes the aging of transformer oil when transformer is overloaded for a long time. Excessive oil temperature will accelerate the formation of sludge, water and acid. This is no doubt on the snow.

2. some external natural conditions are also the killer of insulation materials. Water, temperature, oxygen. They can react with transformer insulation materials in acid hydrolysis, oxygen degradation process, slowly eroding our insulation materials. The moisture not only has an effect on transformer insulation, but also enhances the necessary conditions for acid hydrolysis. Don’t underestimate this moisture, some experts have calculated a 1000KV ultra-high voltage transformer dried by gas phase after transportation of oil injection, the total internal water content reached 100 KG.

The reason for the aging of insulation materials on transformers is simply the tip of the iceberg. If you have any questions, you can consult online.

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