Why is the G11 epoxy board so popular?

Why is the G11 epoxy board so popular?

Friends who are familiar with insulating materials are certainly not familiar with G11 epoxy board. Because it is one of the types of epoxy plates. With the upgrading of electronic products, insulation materials in order to follow the pace of the times, in terms of performance has a better breakthrough. So the G11 epoxy board came into being.

G11 epoxy board

First of all, do you know the material of the G11 epoxy plate? What are the characteristics?

It is made of imported alkali free glass cloth immersed in phenolic epoxy resin and heated by high temperature. It is easy to see from its introduction that its processing technology is very simple. There is no need to do a good job in advance. Because it is processed by phenolic epoxy resin, it has good characteristics of high temperature resistance, insulation, high mechanical properties, moisture resistance, flame retardancy and high thermal stress.

Next, I would like to talk about the reasons why G11 epoxy board is selling well.

1. now all kinds of electronic products, such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, microwave ovens, refrigerators and other electronic products are constantly flowing into the market, and the big market in China is very popular, and is there reason for the G11 epoxy plate as insulation material not to sell well?

2.¬†good sales channels, even better products, there is no good sales channel, will have an impact on its products. With China’s accession to the WTO, the export volume has been increased directly and the G11 epoxy board has been imported into the foreign market.

3. It has been recognized by people. We all know that if a product is recognized by the market and has a certain brand effect, it will certainly sell well.

4. with the rising wages of workers and the low efficiency of traditional manual work, mechanized creation has become the most popular mode of work. So there is a great demand for machinery, so the market for insulating materials G11 is getting better and better.

Finally, a simple understanding of the product parameters of G11 epoxy plate.

Color: Black / light green / yellow / white.
Specification: 1220x1020x0.2-100mm.
Excellent low water absorption: water absorption is almost 0; after 24 hours of immersion, the water absorption rate is only 0.09%. Excellent heat resistance and flame retardancy: heat resistance reaches 160-180 degrees centigrade; flame retardancy: UL 94 V-0 grade.

I think you know something about the reason why G11 epoxy board is so popular. These are limited. If you have more opinions, please leave a message and make progress together.

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