Why insulation material can be insulated?

Why insulation material can be insulated?
This is a question in the hearts of many friends. According to ZTELEC GROUP technicians, insulation material is a material that is used in electrical equipment to prevent the passage of electrical current. It is also called “electrical insulation material.” Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 10~10Ω·m. Due to its special insulation properties, it can ensure the safe and normal operation of various electrical equipment.

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The reason why the insulating material can be insulated is because the insulating material has a very great resistance to direct current. Under the action of various DC voltages, since the insulating material has a large resistivity, the direct current passed through the insulating material is basically kerosene, so it is also basically non-conductive. Although AC current passes through the capacitor, it is also non-conductive. The greater the electrical resistivity of the insulating material that is selected for daily use, the better the insulation performance.

In the insulating material we often use, it can be divided into different types depending on the use. Take paint lacquer as an example below to see its specific classification:

insulating paint

1. Insulating paint: It is a kind of paint applied on the outside of the metal wire. It can be used to protect the copper wire current in the wire to the outside;

2, impregnated paint: This is a kind of insulation material used to impregnate a variety of electrical equipment, it can improve the equipment’s heat, moisture and barrier current through the performance;

3, cover paint: can be used to prevent all kinds of impurities from adhering to electrical appliances, is a good protective material for coating motors, coils, electrical equipment, insulation ladders, etc., but also has good insulation properties;

4. Adhesive paint: It can be used to bond various electrical parts such as plates, sheets and insulation tapes, and it can also play a good insulation;

This article is ZTELEC GROUP to do the analysis of insulating materials why insulation, I believe we through the introduction of this article, the question of insulating materials, should also be solved and confused, if you have other related questions, can communicate with our online customer service.

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