Why choose glass fiber epoxy resin board

Why choose glass fiber epoxy resin board as the main material

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Epoxy board industry is generally called: Epoxy Glass Cloth, insulation board, epoxy board, epoxy sheet, brominated epoxy board, FR-4, G10, 3240 fiberglass board, fiberglass board, FR-4 Strong board, FPC reinforcing board, flexible circuit board reinforcing board, FR-4 epoxy board, flame retardant insulation board, FR-4 laminated board, epoxy board, FR-4 light board, FR-4 glass board , epoxy glass cloth board, epoxy glass cloth laminate, circuit board drilling pad.

Main technical features and applications: stable electrical insulation performance, good flatness, smooth surface, no pits, thickness tolerance standards, suitable for high performance electronic insulation requirements, such as FPC reinforcement board, PCB drilling pad, glass Fiber meson, potentiometer carbon film printing fiberglass board, precision star gear (wafer grinding), precision test board, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation struts, insulation pads, transformer insulation board, motor insulation parts, grinding gears, Electronic switch insulation board, etc.

If you want to purchase epoxy board, consider Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group, which was established in 1958. It now has 6 branches and an engineering technology research center with a total area of ​​450 mu. Technicians account for 26% of the total number of companies.

We have been working on the research and production and customization of electrical insulation materials. The company has ample stocks of various materials and strong manufacturing capabilities to ensure fast delivery. A senior processing drawing master ensures the quality of the processing. The scientific and perfect after-sales service team can handle various shopping and processing problems for customers in a timely manner.

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