Why can an epoxy board be used in a lightning arrester?

Why can an epoxy board be used in a lightning arrester?

Thunder is a natural phenomenon. When a positively charged electron meets a negatively charged electron, it will frictionally discharge. Thunder has many hazards. It emits a lot of electromagnetic waves, which affects the work of the line. Seriously, it will also damage people’s lives. In order to prevent the harm of lightning, lightning arresters have been invented, which can directly introduce lightning into the earth through conductors. Epoxy board is widely used as an insulating material in electrical and electronic applications, and can also be used in lightning arresters.

It should be known that lightning has a lot of energy. When the arrester introduces electricity into the ground, it must also ensure that it is not damaged. Otherwise, it can no longer be used once, and it is not worth the loss. The materials used in the arrester are very good, let’s take a look at the excellent performance of the epoxy board. First of all, its high temperature resistance is very good, can withstand high temperatures above 150 ° C, the temperature will rise when discharging, if the product does not have good high temperature resistance, it is easy to damage. The materials that make up the arrester are both conductors and insulators, all of which play a very important role. Epoxy board is an insulating material with good electrical properties, low moisture absorption and can be used in humid environments. Its chemical properties are also good, not corrosive to acid and alkali salts, alcohols, ketones.

With the advancement of technology, the building is getting higher and higher, and the higher the target, the easier it is to collect lightning. Therefore, there are many applications for lightning arresters. Epoxy boards are used in their excellent properties. If you need a good quality epoxy board, you can order it from our company. ZTELEC GROUP has been established for many years and has rich experience in the production and processing of epoxy boards. It has won unanimous praise from new and old customers. Click on the online customer service consultation on the page.

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