White epoxy resin plate

White epoxy plate

White epoxy board is the lightest material in all epoxy board. Epoxy board also has yellow, water-green and black. Models: FR4, 3240, G10, G11, milky epoxy board has excellent heat resistance Performance, low surface flatness density, UL94-VO flame retardant grade, excellent performance of epoxy board, making it easier to develop in the electronics industry.

White epoxy board


The lighter quality of the milky white epoxy board is widely used in packaging materials, supports, electrical equipment, mobile phones, tablet holsters, etc. Nowadays it is the electronic age, mobile phones, tablet PCs and other accessories variety, good and bad, milky white Epoxy board has good flexibility and lightness at the same time, it can play a supporting and reinforcing role. After installing a magnet, it has automatic sleep and wake-up functions for electronic products, and it is thinner and more environmentally friendly.

ZTELEC Group. specializes in the production of white epoxy resin board. The company has 10 years of experience in producing epoxy board. ZTELEC Group has gained good reputation from many companies. We guarantee the quality and the price is also very high. Affordable, ZTELEC Group is using imported raw materials to add repression, can provide design and size for us!

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