Electrical Insulating Material – Which Manufacturer’s G10 Epoxy board is Good

Which manufacturer’s G10 epoxy board is good

Electrical insulation materials – Epoxy panels can be used as insulating materials in a variety of electronic products. In order to meet the needs of different products, a variety of models have been developed, such as G10, G11, 3240, FR-4 and so on. G10 epoxy board is developed on the basis of FR-4. Unlike FR-4, it is not flame retardant, nor does it contain halogen elements. It belongs to environmental protection material.

The quality of G10 epoxy board on the market is uneven. Which manufacturer has produced good?

Zhongtian Electric equipment is located in the south of the south of the Yangtze River, which is economically developed and convenient, and has been engaged in the production and processing of insulation board. The main products are FR-4, G10, G11 epoxy plate and copper clad plate. Our G10 insulation board, made of imported alkali free glass fiber cloth and epoxy resin, has excellent performance: low water absorption, almost zero, high temperature above 100 degrees C, high voltage shock resistance, good insulation performance, strong machinability and easy cutting.

We not only produce plates, but also specializes in sheet metal processing and transformer production. So our equipment is up to date, the edge can be polished and smooth without any roughness. The thickness tolerance is small, and the size is completely in line with the customer’s standards. Generally speaking, G10 epoxy board can be used to make switchgear, transformer, DC motor and circuit breaker.

The purchase of G10 epoxy plate is very important for the manufacturers. Don’t covet cheap and choose those small factories that are very cheap, so they are called a price. The insulation board of Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group has passed many tests, and its quality is superior. The products are not only sold well in China, but also have fixed customers abroad. You need to welcome online enquiry or send your detailed needs to the mailbox. We look forward to working with you. Guess what you like: what are the conditions of use of G10 epoxy panels?

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