Where are the epoxy plate parts used

Where are the epoxy plate parts used

Epoxy plate is a sheet of epoxy resin and glass fiber hot pressed at high temperature. The difference of material, additive and process can make the sheet have different properties.

The commonly used epoxy boards have FR-4, 3240, G11 and G10. They can be divided into halogen epoxy plates and halogen free epoxy plates in accordance with the burning of toxic gases. The halogen free epoxy plates are now worthy of worship and are safe and pollution-free.

3240 epoxy sheet

Epoxy panels can be made into various parts after various processes. Where can these pieces be used?

The main application area of the epoxy plate processing part is the electronic electrician industry. It has good electric heating performance, which belongs to the insulation material, does not conduct electricity, and does not have to worry about the accident of leakage and power failure. It can withstand the temperature above 150 degrees centigrade, the high temperature produced in the operation of electronic products will not make it deform and burn, high voltage can not break it, the flame retardant grade of G10 epoxy plate is more than UL94-VO.

We all know that the electronic products are most afraid of water, the mobile phone falls into the water, the chance of breaking out is very large, the water absorption rate of the epoxy plate processing parts is small, even in the wet environment, it is no problem. In electronic electrician, epoxy board can be mainly made into insulation pad, grinding gear, transformer parts, supporting plate, switch, circuit breaker, explosion-proof electrical apparatus and so on. On the one side or two sides of the copper foil, it becomes copper clad laminate. We know that copper clad laminate is the basic material for manufacturing printed circuit boards, and will be used in almost all electronic products.

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