What material is usually made of an bakelite board

What material is usually made of an bakelite board

We also call it an electric board and a rubber board. In fact, it is called the phenolic laminating board. The cardboard is not made of paper, but it is not as easy to tear as paper. It is made of high quality bleached wood paper and cotton velveteen as a supplement, and is made from high purity and fully synthetic petrochemical materials. Phenolic resins are made as resin adhesives. It is widely used in the manufacture of electrical circuit boards and mechanical insulation parts which have high insulation requirements.

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In different applications, sometimes also need different colors, so the color of the bakelite also has absolute red, black, yellow, coffee and so on. The conventional size of the bakelite board is thick * * width x long: 3~80mm x 1000mm x 1220/2000mm. In addition, our Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group also should customize the different specifications of the bakelite board with different customers’ needs. The electric wood product is the first choice for many plastic products because of its low price and excellent product characteristics.

In addition, the workers who are engaged in the processing of bakelite board are also reminded that the bakelite board will produce dust in the process of processing, and it is not beneficial to the health of the body for a long time to contact the electric wood dust. Therefore, when the workers are cutting and processing the wood board, they must do a good job of protection, beware of dust inhalation, avoid skin contact dust, otherwise it will produce discomfort. Zhongtian electrical equipment group warmly welcome your call.

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