What material is the epoxy board

What material is the epoxy board

Epoxy board, we call it epoxy plate fiberglass panel, also known as epoxy phenolic glass cloth board. It is an important insulating material, widely used in industrial machinery, life manufacturing, aviation electronics, electronic digital products and other insulation parts production. In accordance with brine and halogen free, we are divided into 3240 and FR4 two types of epoxy panels. In our company, the popular product is FR4 epoxy plate, because this type of epoxy plate is halogen-free, reaching EU standard, so it is exported to overseas.

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What material is the epoxy board? Let’s first introduce 3240 epoxy board, which is made of electrical and electronic glass cloth immersed in epoxy resin, through a series of tools such as hot pressing. About the meaning of 3240, we have introduced in “epoxy board is epoxy plate”, 3240 epoxy plate is generally yellow color, temperature resistance grade is B class, suitable for mechanical, electrical, electronic, electrical and other fields. It is also used for the processing of insulation parts.

The other is our company’s main product: FR4 epoxy plate. This product is halogen-free. It is made with imported raw materials, domestic press and standard technology. The color is water green and has good mechanical processing performance. It can be used in the production of transformer framework, electronic product line reinforcement, FPC reinforcement board, FR4 cruise ship. Wait.

Because FR4 epoxy plate has the advantages of raw materials, it has guaranteed high quality and low price and timely delivery, and has a strong customer base at home and abroad, and enjoys a high reputation. There are countless customers to discuss the company, if you are interested in epoxy board, we welcome you to inquire or come to the company to interview. At the same time, our company can send you the sample and mail for you quickly.

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