What Material is Made of The Insulated Hammer Handle

Insulating materials are defined as materials used to insulate devices in electrical fields. They play an important role in the electronic and electrical industry. There are many kinds of insulating materials, which can be divided into gaseous, liquid and solid forms according to the form, and can be divided into E (90), A (105), B (120), F (155), H (180 degree), N (200) and C (230 degree) according to the heat resistance grade.

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Commonly used insulating materials include ceramics, mica, glass, plastic, laminate, etc. what materials can be used for insulating hammer handle?

The materials used to produce insulated hammer handle are glass fiber materials. The two commonly used models are FR4 and 3240. They have the advantages of high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low water absorption, high friction resistance, high strength and good electrothermal performance.

FR4 glass fiber material has three kinds: black, water green and yellow. Yellow is a non halogen material, halogen elements have flame retardancy, but the combustion will cause pollution to the environment, halogen free FR4 complex international standard, the world general. Water green and black contain halogen elements, which can meet the requirements of electrical appliances.

Epoxy glass sheet

The raw material of 3240 glass fiber material is epoxy resin, ammonia water catalyzed phenolic resin and glass fiber material. Its performance is a little worse than FR4, and the price is cheap, but the overall performance is also good. It is used in medium and low grade electronic products.

Fiberglass composite materials, in addition to the manufacture of insulated hammer handle, are often used to manufacture switches, transformers, heat insulation boards and other products. If you need this high-performance electrical insuleing material, welcome to Zhongtian electrical equipment group. The company has been established for many years, has rich experience and new and high technology, and its products are often exported abroad. The drawings can also be processed to provide free sample service.

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