What kinds of insulation materials are there?

What are the types of insulation materials? Certainly some friends must be unclear, so ZTELEC GROUP is a professional manufacturer of insulating materials for processing.

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There are many kinds of insulation materials, which can be divided into three categories: gas, liquid, and solid. Commonly used gas insulation materials are air, nitrogen, sulfur hexafluoride insulation PC film, etc. The liquid insulation materials are mainly mineral insulating oil, synthetic insulating oil (silicone oil, Dodecyl benzene, polyisobutylene, isopropyl biphenyl, diaryl ethane, etc.) Two types of solid insulating materials can be divided into organic and inorganic categories. Organic solid insulating materials include insulating lacquer, insulating adhesive, insulating paper, Insulating fiber products, plastics, rubber, lacquer, paint tubes and insulation impregnated fiber products, electrical films, composite products and adhesive tapes, electrical laminates, etc. Inorganic solid insulation materials mainly include mica, glass, ceramics and their products. In contrast, solid insulation materials are diverse and most important.

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