What is the special role of the FR4 transformer framework?

What is the special role of the FR4 transformer framework?

The skeleton, also known as the transformer skeleton or transformer line rack, is commonly referred to as Bobbin, and is the main component part of the transformer. Transformer is widely used in today’s society, and the corresponding body is also indispensable, so the skeleton has an indispensable function at present.

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The skeleton has no place in the transformer, so what is the special function of the FR4 transformer skeleton?

1. provides the winding space for the copper wire in the transformer

2. Magnetic core in a fixed transformer

3. the line slot in the skeleton is the route for the transformer winding.

4. the metal pin in the skeleton is the copper wire winding pillar of the transformer. After soldering, it wants to connect with the PCB board, and plays a conductive role when the transformer works.

5. the retaining wall at the bottom of the skeleton can make the transformer and the PCB board produce a fixed effect. It provides a certain distance space for the tin heap and PCB plate produced by the soldering tin, and the magnetic core and the PCB plate, isolating the core and the tin pile, avoiding the bad pressure resistant turbine.

6. the bump, concave point or chamfer in the skeleton can determine the direction of the transformer or the order of pins when using the transformer.According to the nature of the stitch, the skeleton is divided into two types: skeleton and glued frame.

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