What is the raw material of plastic insulating material

What is the raw material of plastic insulating material

Customers of engineering plastics using nylon boards and blue steel should know that these materials are not only engineering plastics or insulating materials. Some customers may be puzzled. Engineering plastics are characterized by light weight, high mechanical strength and good machinability. What is the raw material for making plastic insulation materials? Let’s explain to you next.

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Firstly, synthetic resin is needed. The selection of this material has great influence on the physical and chemical properties of plastic. The synthetic resin is divided into epoxy resin, phenolic resin, organosilicon resin and so on. The second is the selection of filler, and the quality of the filler affects the technological properties of the plastic insulation material, such as the strength, and the filler can be divided into charcoal powder and mica. Powder, alumina and so on. Then you have to choose the curing agent. Here we should remind you to choose different resins on it. The curing agent is different here, and the curing agent plays a role in promoting the curing of the resin.

In order to accelerate the curing speed of resin, we can also add accelerant. But some resins are not required, such as the first order thermosetting phenolic resin. In addition, in order to meet the requirements of different customers’ exterior color, we can add different colors and choose different colors according to the different resin. Finally, lubricants and flame retardants are added to facilitate the removal of plastic insulation materials from the mold and to achieve certain high temperature resistance.

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