What is the processing material for the handset bracing board?

Q : What is the processing material for the handset bracing board?

Answer: it is usually milky white light epoxy plate. But there are also 3240 epoxy plates. Today, high-end cellular phones will use lightweight leather panels.

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Q : What kind of material is more suitable for the handset leather bracing board?

Answer: I think it is more suitable for milky white light epoxy board. It is mainly for high-end mobile phone leather sheath support plate material, it is more pure in quality than ordinary epoxy board, the biggest feature is light. The thickness of the board is 0.6 weight 1.5kg/ sheets, light weight is 1.1kg/ sheets, thickness is 0.8 weight 2.0kg/ sheets, light weight is 1.4kg/ sheets. The 3240 epoxy board is not very environmentally friendly, and the material is light and thin.

Q : Where is the manufacturer to sell this material?

Answer: Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group specialized in processing milk white light epoxy board, has decades of experience, we have our own professional R & D department, and the processing technology is ahead of time. Now in the insulation industry is also a small name, we have been adhering to the “quality is the lifeblood”, “the strict details of the product is the best responsibility for the product.” That’s why we win customers’ favor. Zhongtian sincerely looks forward to working with you to create a better future.

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