What is the mechanical process for the epoxy plate?

There are some question and answers about epoxy plate.

Q: what is the mechanical process for the epoxy plate?

A: mainly by CNC milling machine processing, as well as press, engraving machine. Because CNC milling machine processing accuracy is more accurate, in line with the needs of modern high-end electrical and electronic products, is naturally the mainstream of today’s epoxy processing machinery.

fr4 epoxy sheet

Q: where does the epoxy board have a processing manufacturer?

A: With the prevalence of electrical and electronic products, the natural demand for insulating materials is very large, naturally there are a lot of insulating materials processing manufacturers. Today’s epoxy plate processing manufacturers are too numerous to enumerate. Zhongtian Electric Equipment Group is a professional manufacturer of epoxy board. It has its own independent scientific research, processing team, systematic management and large-scale production. Now it is also famous in the epoxy plate processing industry.

Q: I am used for motor. Can I process extra thick epoxy board in the middle of the day?

A: Yes. For some special thickness epoxy panels, even more than 100mm thick, we can process. Not long ago, it also helped customers in Shanghai, and the customers responded well.

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