What is the material of the transformer coil press plate

What is the material of the transformer coil press plate

The use of transformer coil:
There are two main uses of the transformer coil press plate, one is the axial compression force transmission of the coil during the use of variable pressure manufacturing, and the two is the axial mechanical force produced by the sudden short circuit of the transformer. The coil plate material is used in two major categories, one is the metal plate, the thick plate plate, the steel plate welded hollow press plate, the two is the pure insulating board, the 3240 epoxy phenolic glass cloth plate, the electrical laminating board (birch board), the insulating laminated board and so on.

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The difference between the insulating plate and the metal plate:
Compared with the insulating plate and the metal plate, the mechanical strength of the insulating plate is not high and the processing technology is different, but it can eliminate the additional loss and local overheating of the transformer, and the 1/2 of its thickness can be used as the coil end insulation, reducing the transformer core and the height of the iron window. In many countries, the insulation plate is used instead of the traditional metal pressure plate. In China, 3240 epoxy phenolic glass cloth laminate is used as the coil pressure plate, and the FR-4 epoxy plate can be used for high requirement.

The manufacturing process of insulating plate:
It is the size of 2000mm*1000mm, thick 60mm*80mm plate, press the diameter and the size of the outer diameter of the ring, on the special machine tool with grinding wheel on the cutting material, and then according to the design drawings required size, mechanical processing, splicing into the press ring. In the first part of this processing method, the dust pollution is serious, the noise is large and the health of the human body is seriously harmful. The utilization rate of the material is only 40%-50%, and the water is cooled and lubricated in processing, so that some water is penetrated into the 3240 layer of the laminate, even if it is dried, it is difficult to remove the infiltration water and directly influence the dielectric strength.

Many years ago, Chinese scientists went to Europe to inspect electrical insulation materials, and saw a hollow ring disc in a motor factory. It was inspired by the design of coil forming for large power transformers. It can not only ensure product quality, but also save labor and materials. It is named as wet molding epoxy press ring.

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