What is the cause of cracks in epoxy boards?

What is the cause of cracks in epoxy boards?

The epoxy board will have various problems with the delay of time, and the crack is one of them. What is the cause of cracks in the board? For this mysterious question, I will give a detailed answer.

epoxy fiberglass sheet

Reason one: high temperature. Today’s electrical equipment is a common occurrence for 24 hours, and natural heat is a common phenomenon. Long-term high temperature is a great test for the quality of the sheet, which is likely to cause cracks in the sheet.
Reason two: material. The material of the processed epoxy board is different depending on the manufacturer and the price is different. Inferior raw materials can cause cracks in the sheet as time goes by.
Reason three: external force. External forces can easily lead to defects such as deformation and cracks in the sheet.
Reason four: time. As time goes by, the sheet will naturally have undesirable conditions such as Fenghua. The life of the board is affected.

The above is the reason why there are cracks in several common epoxy boards. If you have any questions or have more insights? Welcome to contact us!

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