what is insulating board

Brief introduction of insulating board.

What is insulating material? In simple terms, insulating material is a kind of product that is often used in motor products. With the improvement of living standards, electromechanical products are increasingly prosperous, and the demand for insulating plates is increasing in the market, so many people have come Joined the industry of insulating materials. At present, the outlook for insulating materials is quite good, and there is still much room for future development! Why can you say that? The main reason is that the customer needs the updated insulation material to rely on the platform he needs, thereby promoting the continuous expansion of the insulating material industry, and the technical requirements have also been significantly improved, so the market will be more clear in the future!

insulating board

Insulation plates, also known as insulation pads, insulation pads, insulation pads, insulation blankets. Insulation mats are widely used in substations, power plants, power distribution rooms, laboratories, and live charging operations.

It is made of adhesive insulating material, and there should be no harmful irregularities on the upper and lower surfaces of the insulating pad. The harmful irregularity of the insulating mat refers to one of the following characteristics, namely the defects that destroy the uniformity and damage the smooth surface of the surface, such as holes, cracks, local bulges, incisions, inclusions of conductive foreign bodies, creases, voids, bumps, and castings. Signs, etc. Harmless irregularity refers to surface irregularities formed during the production process.

Five or more different points should be randomly selected throughout the insulation board for thickness measurement and inspection. Measurements can be made using a thousand-centre liver or an instrument with the same accuracy. The accuracy of the micrometer shall be within 0.02mm, the diameter of the drill shall be 6mm, the diameter of the flat presser foot shall be (3.17±0.25)mm, and the presser foot shall be able to apply a pressure of (0.83±0.03)N. The insulating mat shall be laid flat to Make the micrometer measurement smooth.

insulating plate

Insulation plate specifications

1) According to the voltage level can be divided into 5kv, 10kv, 20kv, 25kv, 35kv

2) according to the color can be divided into: black pad, red pad, green pad

3) According to the thickness can be divided into: 0.15mm —130mm Length and width specifications: 1020*1220 1220*1220 1000*2000 1244*2440 1500*3000

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