What is bakelite sheet suitable for

The material of electric wood board, we know also called the glue wood board, the phenolic laminating cardboard, this kind of sheet is made up of the superior quality bleaching wood product as reinforcing substance, with the phenolic resin as the binder and the other raw material, the electric wood board is an important raw material for electrical products, because the raw material price of the electric wood board is produced. Its low cost and its outstanding electrical performance make it a substitute for many plastic products.

insulation material

So what is the electric wood board to do? Because of its good insulation, it is not easy to produce static electricity and can wear resistance to high temperature, so it becomes the insulation switch in the electronic products, the variable resistance mechanical mould and the material on the production line. Its mechanical strength is suitable for using the pads for drilling in the PCB industry. It can also be used in the insulation board on the distribution box, or even in our lives, such as the comb we use every day, the tea tray and so on.

In the processing of the electric wood board, the loss of the mold is larger and the processing cycle is slightly longer than that of other materials. But because of its excellent performance and the good price, it still attracts the favor of the market. This shows that the application of electric planks is still very extensive. If you have any need for production and processing of PCB, you can call our professional staff.

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