What is an electrical insulating material

What is an electrical insulating material

Today, I saw someone on the Internet asking what is insulation? I have a friend who does this, and when we get together at dinner, we communicate, how much do we know? I’ll tell you my own opinion. The main share of electrical insulation materials.

With the rapid development of electronic products, SAMSUNG, Apple (Apple) mobile phone is the most popular one for blindness, which is deeply loved by consumers. Electronic products sell well, but also led to the development of insulating materials, the rise of large and small many insulating materials processing plants.

epoxy insulation sheet

Insulating material is the material that can prevent current from passing through. It is usually within the range of 10~10 Omega m. Mainly used in electrical machinery and electrical equipment with higher mechanical performance requirements as insulation components, and can be used in transformer oil. Because of its excellent properties such as insulation, no static electricity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance, it is an indispensable material for the insulation switch and variable resistance of electronic products, the mould and the production line for mechanical use. For example, in a motor, the insulation around the conductor separates the turns from the grounded stator core to ensure the safe operation of the motor.

There is more to electrical insulation than I have said. If you are interested, you can consult online.

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