What is an alkali-free glass fiber tape?

There is such a situation: We will always receive a phone call: Hello, do you have glass fiber ribbons there? Replied: Hello, some, what kind of specific needs do you have? Is alkali in alkalinity? Then the customer is in awe…

In normal use, there are two kinds of glass fiber – E-glass fiber band and alkali fiberglass band, then what is the difference between the two?

First, the alkali-resined glass fiber tape has higher temperature resistance than the non-alkali tape. After being fired, the alkali belt will become brittle and the surface will have white residue, while the non-alkali tape will have toughness and no residue on the surface.

Second, the alkali-free zone has a soft hand, while the caustic zone has a harder zone.
Third, the alkali-free zone with the same kind of specification has stronger tensile strength than the alkali zone; the alkali zone has stronger acid resistance than the alkali-free zone.
Fourth, appliances with moderate temperature rise are more economical with caustic soda, while appliances with high temperature resistance must use alkali-free tapes, and alkali-neutral glass fiber tapes should be used in strong acid and alkali environments.

Therefore, the two types of glass fiber tapes have their own emphasis. Please select according to the conditions of use and the use environment.

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