What Is A Phenolic Board?

phenolic board

What is a phenolic board?

Obviously, the phenolic board can be seen from the name and can not be separated from the phenolic. Phenolic board is created when weighted layers of cotton, paper or glass fabric mix are placed under heat and pressure and filled with synthetic resin. Phenolic resin is a very durable and tough material, not only has good electrical properties, but also can be widely applied to many places.

How to use phenolic resin?

Phenolic sheets are used in part manufacturing. These components can be used from circuits and applications to all parts of bullet and weatherproof equipment. The insulating properties of phenolic resins make them an excellent choice of insulated electrical antennas. They can also be used in spools and spools for commercial manufacturing where impact resistance and lightweight materials are important.

The benefits of phenolic board

The biggest advantage of phenolic resin is its versatility. The lightweight phenolic resin has high water consumption and low water absorption, making it ideal for marine and similar industries. They can withstand not only a variety of temperatures and humidity, but also flame retardant epoxy resins to make them flame retardant. They have good wear resistance and impact resistance and can be easily formed into parts of various shapes and sizes. They are also resistant to corrosion by common chemicals.

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