What insulating material for transformers

What insulating material for transformers

Insulation material is one of the most important materials in transformer. The performance and quality of insulation material will directly affect the work and stability of transformer. Therefore, the insulation materials are also constantly updated, production processing technology is also increasing year by year. The insulation materials applied to transformers are becoming more and more important in transformer design and manufacturing personnel. Therefore, choosing what kind of insulation material is a very important work.

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Insulating material is also called dielectric. Its resistivity is high, its conductivity is poor, and it has certain insulation properties. As insulation material of transformer framework, it requires not only good insulation performance but also heat dissipation, cooling, support, fixing, arc extinguishing, improvement of potential ladder, moistureproof, mildew proof and conductor protection. Therefore, the transformer has strict requirements for insulation materials.

According to the difference of insulation performance grade, it can be divided into Y (90 C), A (105 C), E (120 C), B (130 C), F (155 C), H (180 C), C (more than 180 C). As the insulation material of the transformer framework, the market is basically required for 20 years of service life, reducing the service life according to the law of 8 degrees centigrade. When a grade insulation material rises 8 degrees C, then its service life will be reduced by half. The B grade insulation is 10 C, and the H grade is 12. This rule is called the law of 8 C for thermal aging. Therefore, the insulation material used in transformer used in different environments needs careful consideration of the relevant personnel.

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