What industry needs insulation materials?

What are the industries applied to insulating materials?

Speaking of the application of insulating material that is too much, the insulating material is a material that can block the passage of current, it has a very large resistance to direct current. Under the action of the direct current, only a very small current leaks from the surface. In fact, the insulating material is essentially non-conductive and can be passed directly for alternating current and is also basically considered non-conductive. In general, the higher the resistivity of insulation materials is, the better the insulation performance is. These materials are widely used in electrical products, and many electrical equipments use insulation materials.

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Many motors and electrical equipment are made of conductive materials, magnetic materials, insulating materials, and structural materials. Except for insulating materials, all of them are metal materials and have electrical conductivity. In the operation of the equipment, it is bound to be affected by temperature, current, vibration, etc., and it will produce some harmful gases, chemical substances, dust and other factors. These factors have a significant effect on the insulating material and are easily deteriorated and deteriorated, which may cause damage to the equipment. Therefore, the quality of insulating materials will also affect the normal operation of electrical equipment.

From the point of view of the cost of various motors and electrical appliances, the cost of the insulating materials is nearly half, which fully explains the large proportion of insulating materials in these electrical equipment. It also shows how important it is to choose a good insulating material. If you have this need, I believe ZTELEC GROUP will not let you down.

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