What does the epoxy board 3240 mean?

What does the epoxy board 3240 mean?

We often talk about 3240 epoxy panels, and there are thousands of information about its performance characteristics and uses on the Internet. But the analysis of its numbers is even less. I have collected some information, and give a detailed explanation of the figures.
The 3240 is the national standard brand, corresponding to the EPGC201 type in IEC893-3-2. According to JB-T 2197-1996 electrical insulation product classification, nomenclature and model preparation methods: the following three Arabic figures 3240 to do a one-by-one explanation.

fr4 specs

The first position “3”  represents laminated products, winding products and vacuum pressure impregnated products.

The second position “2”  represents the pressure plate of the inorganic bottom.

The third position “4”  represents the temperature index grade 155 degrees;

The fourth position”0″  represents the product variety code.

The above is a detailed description of the number of 3240 epoxy panels, if you have some unclear areas. Welcome to inquire. We will have a professional staff to give you a detailed explanation of your questions.

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