What are the insulating materials for electrical use

What is the insulating material used by the electrician

When it comes to electrical insulating materials, we should not say what kind of insulating materials there are. There are many kinds of insulating materials, such as solid, liquid and gas. Solid insulation materials, insulation, insulation paper, insulating tape and so on, we ZTELEC  produce and process the insulation materials, epoxy board, mica board, phenolic board and so on. All these can be used in electrical manufacturing.

cable paper board

The FR4 transformer skeleton used in the insulating material used by the electrician has to be mentioned. Because the transformer skeleton is the core part of the electrical appliance, the material selection and manufacture of the transformer skeleton needs to be considered carefully, requiring high breakdown strength and low dielectric loss. The performance of FR4 is very consistent with the transformer bone. The material of the frame. But it is important to note that different electrical appliances have different requirements for insulation materials. Low voltage electrical appliances use mechanical strength, elongation at break and heat resistance grade as main requirements.

What is the insulating material used by the electrician, besides the several insulation materials introduced above, and 3240 epoxy plate, because the material is halogen, not very environmentally friendly, not compatible with Scientific Outlook on Development, so it is not a lot of people, if you have any doubts about the insulation material used by the electrician or to me We can contact us with the interest of our products. We can process it free of charge. Even you can visit our factory and communicate with our staff in depth and let you know our processing technology.

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