What are the indexes of epoxy resin?

What are the indexes of epoxy resin?

The diphenolol-based epoxy resin is a polycondensation of diphenolol and epichlorohydrin. According to Weibang Insulating Materials Network, the industrial diphenol-based epoxide resin is actually a mixture of molecules with different degrees of polymerization. Most of these molecules are linear structures containing two epoxy end groups. A small number of molecules may be branched, and a very small number of molecularly terminated groups are chlorohydrin groups instead of epoxy groups.

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What are the indexes of epoxy resin?

Therefore, the epoxy group content and the chlorine content of the epoxy resin have a great influence on the curing of the resin and the properties of the cured product. According to the Insulating Materials Network, the indicators for industrial epoxy resins are as follows:

(1) Epoxy value. Epoxy value is the most important indicator to identify the properties of epoxy resins. Industrial epoxy resin types are distinguished by their different epoxy values. The epoxy value refers to the amount of the epoxy-containing material per 100 g of the resin. The reciprocal of the epoxy value multiplied by 100 is called the epoxy equivalent. Epoxy equivalent means: grams of epoxy resin containing 1 mole of epoxy.

(2) Inorganic chlorine content. Chloride ions in the resin can play a complex role with the amine curing agent to affect the curing of the resin, but also affect the electrical properties of the cured resin, so the chlorine content is also an important indicator of epoxy resin.

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(3) Organic chlorine content. The organochlorine content in the resin indicates the content of that part of the chlorohydrin group that does not initiate ring-closing reaction in the molecule, and its content should be reduced as much as possible. Otherwise, the curing of the resin and the properties of the cured product are also affected.

(4) Volatile substances.

(5) Viscosity or softening point.

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