What are the factors that affect the density of the epoxy plate?

What are the factors that affect the density of the epoxy plate?

At work today, someone left a message to ask “how much is the density of epoxy board”. Today, a small editor has made an analysis of this problem. The density standard of the epoxy plate is between 1.75-1.8. What is the factor that affects the density of the epoxy plate?

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1. Different manufacturers, different manufacturers of processing technology, the addition of composite materials will be different, of course, density will also have an impact.

2. There are many different models of epoxy board, the most common ones are 3240, FR-4, G11, G10.

3. The difference of temperature, we learned in junior high school when rho = m/V, the quality of a material must be fixed, that is to look at the volume, everyone knows the principle of heat and cold contraction of the object, so the temperature is naturally associated with the density.

4. The quality of good or bad, such as the same epoxy board, the better the quality, high purity of things, the greater the density.

5. The pressure is large and large, for the gas has pV=nRT, plus the Moore’s law density m/V=n*M/V, the first formula is p= density *RT/M, it is not difficult to see the relationship between pressure and density, it is a gas formula, but careful thinking is similar to the solid.

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