What are the conditions for using g10 glass epoxy sheet?

g10 glass epoxy sheet

What are the conditions for using g10 glass epoxy sheet?

There are many types of epoxy boards. The common ones are 3240, G11, G10, FR-4, etc. They have the same general performance and are high temperature resistant insulating materials. The details are slightly different. For example, the maximum operating temperature of FR-4 is The temperature of the G11 epoxy board can reach 180 °C. So what is the performance of the G10 glass epoxy sheet? Let us summarize it below.

1. The maximum operating temperature of the G10 epoxy board is 120 degrees Celsius. It can be used in a short period of time at 130 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds this temperature, it will be warped and cracked.

2, Good electrical performance, dielectric strength of 1000V / MIL, breakdown voltage of 65 kV, can continue to work in high voltage and current environment.

3, Strong mechanical processing, good mechanical ability, compressive strength of 303 MPa, tensile strength of 269 MPa, bending strength of 455 MPa, shear strength of 130 MPa. Can withstand the strong impact of the outside world, good toughness.

4, Chemical properties, G10 glass epoxy sheet is also good, has a certain corrosion resistance.

5, G10 This model is non-flame retardant, no bromine, in line with EU standards, environmental protection, will not pollute the environment, more used in various countries.

All in all, we can know that all aspects of G10 glass epoxy sheet performance is good. G10 epoxy resin sheet is made of epoxy fiber bonded continuous filament woven fiberglass sheet. If you need it in this area, you are welcome to contact us for purchase. If you want to customize it, no problem, as long as you provide detailed information about the requirements, we can customize the processing parts that make you satisfied.

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