What are the characteristics of the epoxy board?

What are the characteristics of the epoxy board?
Epoxy board, also known as epoxy glass fiber board, is a polymer that can be used in a medium temperature environment. Heat deformation usually occurs at a high temperature of 180°C, so the epoxy plate is generally not heated with other metals, otherwise it may easily cause deformation of the metal plate. It can be widely used in a variety of high-insulation structural parts in machinery, electrical and electronic industries, with high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and its heat-resistant grade up to F-class (155 degree).

Epoxy board

Compared with other highly insulated components, epoxy board has more obvious advantages in various applications, mainly in the following five areas:

I. Various forms
Through the use of different resins, curing agents, modifiers, etc., can be made into a variety of styles of epoxy board, can be fully adapted to the application of various products.

Second, curing is convenient
Since the epoxy plate only deforms at temperatures exceeding 180°C. Therefore, in the temperature range of 0 to 180°C, curing can easily occur by selecting a suitable curing agent.

Third, strong adhesion
Due to the presence of special substances in the epoxy board, it has a high adhesion.

Fourth, low shrinkage
Because the epoxy board cures when the curing agent is added, there is no product water or other volatile substances, so it has lower curability during the curing process.

Fifth, strong mechanical properties
After curing, due to the epoxy resin system, it has strong mechanical properties.

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