What are the characteristics of the application of epoxy plates

What are the characteristics of the application of epoxy plates

Epoxy board is a common electrical material, mainly used in electronic products to play the role of isolation and support. It has many advantages, including high temperature resistance, high strength, high toughness and so on. The halogen free epoxy plate is healthy and environmental friendly, and it will not cause pollution or health.

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This article tells you about the application characteristics of epoxy board.

1.many styles.There are many kinds of epoxy plates, including 3240 epoxy plate, G11 epoxy plate, G10 epoxy plate, FR-4 epoxy plate and so on. The resin, curing agent and modifier used in manufacturing are different. The products produced will also have different properties and use a wide range.

2. It is convenient to cure. With different curing agents, epoxy resin can be cured at different temperatures, and can be obtained at 0~180 degrees.

3. Strong adhesion. Because of the hydroxyl and ether bonds in the epoxy resin, the adhesive capacity is high and can be closely combined with the reinforced material to form a new product, which is not easy to peel off.

4. the contractility is low. The thermal expansion rate and shrinkage rate of epoxy board are not high, and the products are not easy to deform.

5. The mechanical ability is good. Under the impact of external force, the epoxy board is not easy to break or break. It also has a certain toughness, bending and non deformation.

6. The electrothermal performance is stable. The epoxy board is an insulating material, which is non conductive and can work at high voltage. Its high temperature resistance is also good, up to 150 degrees Celsius.

After reading the above, I believe you have a certain understanding of the application characteristics of epoxy panels. The production of epoxy plate is not a simple matter, it is easy to appear all kinds of problems. If you are interested, you can see what defects will appear in the process of the production of epoxy plate, and the experienced companies can avoid these problems.

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