What are the Application Features of the Epoxy Plate

What are the application features of the epoxy plate

Epoxy panels can be used in many industries such as aircraft, automobiles, construction, electronics and so on, especially in the electronics industry. Most products will use it.

There are many kinds of epoxy boards, which can be divided into 3240, FR4, G11, G10 and so on. Although these epoxy plates have different models, they have the same basic properties and fine connections. For example, the high temperature resistance of G11 is especially good. The halogen free FR4 combustion will not produce toxic substances. It is in accordance with EU standards and is environmentally healthy.

Let’s talk about the application characteristics of epoxy panels.

1. There are various forms. Epoxy resins are used to make epoxy boards, and other resins, such as phenolic resins, are added to make epoxy boards with flame retardancy or strength, high temperature resistance, and other additives and modifiers.

2. It is convenient to cure. The curing temperature of epoxy resin is less than 0~180 C, and the temperature is too high to control.

3. Strong adhesion. Because of the molecular relationship, epoxy resin itself has a very high adhesion and can be used as an adhesive. In epoxy board, resin and glass fiber are firmly bonded together, so it is difficult to separate them from external forces.

4. The contraction rate is low. The thermal properties of the epoxy plate are stable and the shrinkage rate is low. Even in a humid and hot environment, it can remain the same.

5. The mechanical ability is remarkable. The epoxy plate has the advantages of high strength, light weight, strong external force impact and small electric breakdown ability. It can work at high voltage and current for a long time and resist fatigue.

The above is the application features of the epoxy plate. If you want more in-depth understanding, please contact online customer service to answer for you. Zhongtian electrical equipment group produces all kinds of electrical insulation materials, such as insulation board, insulating tube, insulating paper and insulating rod. Welcome to consult and buy.

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