Use of fiberglass insulation bushings

Fiberglass sleeve: Mainly used for electrical insulation materials, FSG soft, self- extinguishing silicone fiberglass casing. FSG series of soft self-extinguishing silicone fiberglass sleeves are made of alkali-free glass fiber yarns, then treated with high temperature and coated with silicone copolymer resin.

The insulation bushing has a certain dielectric properties, good self-extinguishing properties and superior softness, and is widely used for the insulation of H-class motor; In-house wiring harness for energy-saving lamps, refrigerators, air conditioners, bathroom heaters, televisions and other household appliances and electronic instruments Insulation protection.

Polyurethane glass paint tubes are woven with alkali-free glass fibers and coated with a special polyurethane resin. This coating is combined with glass fibers to maintain the dielectric strength after aging. Glass fiber insulation bushings have reliable electrical properties, good heat resistance, excellent flexibility and resistance to acids, alkalis and organic solvents. They are used in Class F (155°C) motors, electrical appliances and various household appliances for wiring insulation. With mechanical protection.

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