Electrical Insulating Material-Use of electric wood sheet processing parts

Use of electric wood sheet processing parts

The name of electric wood sheet will be made of wood. In fact, it is a composite material, just like the appearance of wood, will be called bakelite sheet.

The raw materials of the electric wood board are phenolic resin and cotton paper. First, the cotton paper prepreg phenolic resin is pressed up according to the specified thickness, and then pressed and solidified at high temperature. After the production of electric wood boards, they need to be machined and moulded into shapes that need to be used everywhere.

Usage of machining parts for electric wood board

There are many uses of electric wood sheet processing parts, which are mainly used in electronic and electrical fields as insulation materials, such as the cover plate, grinding pad, distribution plate, copper plate, transformer and PCB. In addition, it can also manufacture comb, auto parts, compass, mechanical parts, etc. The electric wood board has a variety of color, red brown, coffee, black, orange, and the performance is very good, the proportion is 1.45, the warpage is low, the mechanical processing property is good, the electrical performance is good, the use temperature range is between -40~100 C.

This kind of laminated paper board is the most widely used and the most widely used industrial laminate in the world. Although the performance is slightly worse than that of epoxy board, the price is low, which is popular among people.

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