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Why do more and more people still choose to go abroad to buy insulation materials regardless of geographical restrictions? Of course, this includes geographical differences. The costs of time and manpower in different places are different. Therefore, as early as the last century, many businessmen went abroad to purchase raw materials and then processed and produced themselves. This not only saves time costs but also saves on labor costs. Of course, the premise of all this is that you have found a manufacturer with a suitable price and quality assurance. And we are such an insulation material manufacturer, compared with the insulation material manufacturer in the United States. I believe we will not be much worse. After all, our company has also been engaged in research and production in this area since the last century. We not only have our own professional research team, but we are all patented in many aspects. Products are also internationally certified

Let’s introduce an insulation material produced by our company. You can compare it with the insulation of the United States. If you are interested, please contact us.

FR-4 Copper Clad Laminates are good for thermal stability and are also suitable for machining. So it is widely used in the manufacture of televisions, computers, communications equipment and other electronic products printed circuit board (PCB).

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