Unidirectional Weftless Tape

Unidirectional Weftless Tape

banding tape

1. High temperature resistance: B grade 130 C; F grade 155 C; H grade 180 C ~ 200 c.
2. Binding tension is large: up to 80kg/cm. Especially for traction motor rotor binding effect is good, after curing, tensile strength is high.
3. Curing time is short: 150 degree temperature only takes 3~4 hours, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
4. Easy to withdraw, high utilization rate.
5. Electrical insulation performance is good, parallel winding layer breakdown voltage is 20KV or more.
6.Long storage period, room temperature below 25 degrees can reach 6 months or more, which is conducive to storage and avoid waste.
7. The main chemical raw materials are imported.
8. Is mainly used for transformer core, coil and strap fastening. The winding and binding materials of motor, traction motor, generator, DC motor, welding machine and high pressure vessel. It is suitable for fastening and binding insulation of motor rotor, stator and transformer core.

Unidirectlonal Weftless Tape Specification:

unidirectlonal weftless tape

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