Twill white cloth belt

electrical insulating material

Characteristics and uses:

The product is made of cotton yarn. It has a certain tensile strength and insulation property. It has high mechanical properties, elastic and extensibility with good dielectric properties. The surface is smooth.

According to the technology, it is divided into plain belt and twill tape. It is widely used in motor and electrical appliance. It has high mechanical properties, elasticity and elongation, and has good dielectric properties. The surface is smooth. The cleanliness is high. The permeability is good. It has enough mechanical strength under a certain thickness. Moderate extension

White cloth belt product technical index:

The material is divided into pure cotton belt and polyester belt. According to the process, the strip and twill belt are divided. The nominal width (mm): 15, 20, 25, 30 are used for the winding insulation of the motor and transformer coil.
Each plate length error: + 2cm
Width deviation: + 1.5mm
Thickness deviation:: + 0.05
Rupture of the meridian should have a single broken line above 100mm, and the double roots broken above 30mm.
Decapitation: there are two segments in a disk which can not exceed 5% of a shipment.
Edges: loose edges, tight edges, edges, circles and thick edges that are not affected.
Inclusions: no inclusions
Stains: no oil, long and high oil pollution, and < = 14mm
Acid-base: neutral
Pulp content: less than 5
The decomposition temperature of cotton fiber is: 130 degree C 155 degree C, maintaining the original strength 60%-70%

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