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Thermal stability is an important indicator of insulating paper

Insulation board industry has developed rapidly in recent years, especially compared with foreign production companies, there are obvious cost advantages. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of domestic insulation material production enterprises, the share in the international market is increasing, and the competitiveness of the international market is gradually increasing. In the world, layer (die) pressure insulation material production enterprises are mainly manufacturers of insulation laminates. China’s insulation materials not only have significant advantages in the international market, but also promote the export of insulating materials such as insulating paints and insulating papers and the development of foreign trade


Thermal stability is an important indicator of insulating paper, and it is a major factor in the generation of low-voltage insulation aging, which determines its service life. Under normal operating conditions, the electric field strength has only a slight effect on the insulation aging process. Insulating paper used for a long time in a relatively high temperature environment will be brittle due to thermal aging, gradually losing its mechanical and electrical properties. Insulating sheets are widely used in electrical equipment and therefore must meet certain electrical properties. The electrical properties of insulating paper refer to its polarization, conductance, dielectric loss, and breakdown characteristics that occur under the influence of an electric field.

The properties of insulating boards are interrelated and cannot be viewed separately. In the selection and development of materials, it is necessary to comprehensively balance the advantages and disadvantages of various materials. In addition, to produce insulating papers with good electrical properties, metal ions and other impurities and bubbles and moisture must be avoided in the production process, and the insulation paper should have high uniformity.

High-quality bleached wood paper and lint paper are used as reinforcements, and phenolic resins made from high-purity, fully-synthetic petrochemical materials are used as resin binders. Product Description Vertop Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. The company is often used to make two different products for the fixtures nylon plate and bakelite. The properties of the nylon plate are high flame retardancy, abrasion resistance, insulation, creep resistance, heat aging resistance, fatigue strength and abrasion resistance. The required “higher temperature area” bakelite performance is high stiffness, anti-static, high flame retardant. Bakelite is an artificially synthesized chemical substance that, once heated and molded, will not be able to be molded into other things. Therefore, it is non-absorbent, non-conductive, and resistant to high temperatures and strength, and is widely used in electrical products.

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