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The thickness of electrical insulation paper

Insulation paper can also be used according to the thickness of the insulation

Insulating bar cable paper, also known as insulating paper, is a piece of paper with insulating properties and loss of dirt. Cable paper, also known as cable insulation paper. An insulating paper for high-voltage power cables, control cables, and signal cables. Specially used for electromagnetic wire factory, transformer factory, transformer factory, reactor factory. Cable Paper and Cable Tape Product Features: Insulation materials are mostly based on their physical characteristics, temperature, humidity, and chemical environment. Different types of insulation materials are used. Insulating paper is one of them.

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Insulation paper can be based on the thickness of the insulation using different models and specifications, the staff can adjust according to the actual length required. Under the premise of the original cable paper, the cable tape can be divided into various widths, which can effectively control the cost, save time and improve efficiency, and reduce many annoyances. The cable tape is also neat and clean due to the processing environment, and can effectively guarantee Its insulation medium, gray loss and other aspects of performance.

The cable paper is wrapped in the outermost layer of the cable to protect the insulating layer of the conductive wire core from moisture intrusion and damage to the insulating layer. For web. The quantification is 45 to 175 g/m2. Paper is tough and even. High tensile, folding and tear strength. Does not contain metals, sand, and conductive acids. High dielectric constant. Low power factor. When subjected to insulating liquid treatment, the stability of the paper is good. Its varieties are based on different thicknesses or colors. The unbleached sulphate softwood pulp was used as the raw material. After being beaten free, it was not sizing, no filling (material), and was made on a Fourdrinier paper machine. Used for insulation between the wires or cables.

The viscous impregnated paper-insulated power cable has a high viscosity of the impregnating agent and does not easily flow within the operating temperature range of the cable, but has a low viscosity at the impregnation temperature and can ensure good impregnation. Sticky impregnants are typically made from a mixture of bright stock and rosin. Many countries use synthetic resin instead of rosin, mixed with bright oil into low-voltage cable impregnants. Viscous impregnated paper-insulated power cables can be divided into insulating and phase-shielding types by structure. Insulated cable is a paper insulation layer that encloses a certain thickness on each conductive wire core, and then three insulated wire strands are twisted and then collectively covered with an insulating layer, and a metal sheath is shared outside; a phase-shielded cable is used. That is, each insulated core is surrounded by a shield and squeezed by a lead sleeve.

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