The secret of the bakelite board

Exploring the secret of the wooden board

Although the plywood has become the “favorite” of electrical, mold, electronics industry, but many people only know that the use of its own material, performance knows less and less. As a professional manufacturer of glued wood boards, tell you what unknown secrets. Interested in looking down.

First ,look at what its processing material is?

It is an electrical insulation material, but also by man-made synthetic chemicals, bleached wood paddle paper dipped in phenolic resin resin resin hot-pressed from phenolic laminated paperboard. Once heated, it solidified and no longer can be molded into anything else.

bakelite paper

Next, look at the performance characteristics of the board.

1. many colors, all kinds. Its colors are orange, black, yellow and brown. The size is: thick * width * long: 3~80mm * 1000mm * 1220/2000mm.

2.¬†anti static. It not only helps to improve the accuracy of processing, but also protects people’s body. Because static electricity may increase the estrogen level of pregnant women and do harm to people’s heart.

3. High mechanical performance. It is suitable to be used as insulation structure parts in motor and electrical equipment with higher mechanical performance requirements, and can be used in transformer oil.

4. flame retardant. Its flame retardancy is in accordance with the UL 94V-0 standard. Even if a fire occurs, it can prevent the spread of the fire, still can protect the electrical equipment intact for a long time, and strive for more time for human rescue.

5. High temperature resistance. Temperature (continuous) degree C 140; temperature resistance (short time) C 300.

In the end, the economic benefit of the adhesive plywood is simply understood.

It not only has very high comprehensive performance, but also the price is very cheap. It’s really cheap and cheap. The price of its raw materials is nearly 50% of the price of ABS. Light has saved a lot of money from the raw materials. However, because of its superior price of raw materials, it is still the first choice for many plastic parts.

I think you know something about the unknown secrets of the planks. Of course, it’s not very comprehensive. It has a lot of secrets. If you want to know more, you can go to the station.

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