The secret of epoxy plate

The secret of leakage of epoxy plate

Epoxy board is now an electrical and electronic equipment insulation parts, it is known to all. Such  achievements are inseparable from its performance characteristics. Do you know the secret about its performance characteristics? Do you want to know? I think you will blurt out: “want to know”. Well, it doesn’t sell off. Then look down.

epoxy plate sheet

High mechanical strength
Mechanical strength refers to compressive strength, bending resistance and tensile resistance. So the epoxy board has these three characteristics, which undoubtedly allows it to play a strong role in electrical equipment, but also for its life has increased.

Easy to process
It can be processed into different forms of plates according to different equipment. Meet the needs of more electrical products.

High temperature resistance
Its heat resistance is as high as B, about 160 degrees. Although the performance of the insulating material will decrease with the change of high temperature, there is no problem as long as the temperature does not exceed this.

Nowadays, the static electricity is very low, and the small can form the electric current, so that the equipment may fail. It is dangerous to people’s life and property. However, the resistance of epoxy plates is 1023 ohms, which has excellent anti-static properties.

Curing convenience
No matter what curing agent, epoxy resin can be cured in the range of 0 to 180 degrees. It is beneficial to people’s operation.

Good moisture resistance
Its water absorption performance is almost zero, even if the 24-hour immersion, water absorption also has 0.09. So it has a good moisture resistance. It’s better to use on the transformer.

Because of the time, I would like to talk about the secret of the performance of epoxy board. If you want to know more, you can browse through the station, where there is an introduction to its use, performance parameters, specifications, and so on, and it will make you a good one.

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