Insulating sheet

The role and application of insulation plate

Insulating sheet is an artificial synthetic chemical substance. Once it is heated and molded, it will not be able to be molded into other things. Therefore, it has characteristics of non-absorbent, non-conducting, high temperature resistance and high strength, and is widely used in electrical products.

Insulating materials are materials that are not conductive under the allowable voltage, but are not absolutely non-conductive materials. Under certain applied electric field strength, conductive, polarization, loss, breakdown, etc. may occur, and aging may occur during long-term use.

Its resistivity is very high, usually in the range of 1010 to 1022 Ω·m. For example, in an electric motor, the insulation material around the conductor is isolated and insulated from the grounded stator core to ensure safe operation of the motor.

Mainly used as insulating material for insulation, wear-resistant without static electricity, and high temperature resistance, has become an important tool for electronic product insulation switch and variable resistance, mechanical mold production line, also can be used in transformer oil .

Insulation plates have good mechanical strength and electrical insulation properties. It can be used for electrical components in electrical equipment, motors with high requirements for mechanical properties, etc. It can also be used in transformer oils. It is mainly used to manufacture distribution boxes, motors, jigs, molding machines, drills, table polishing pads, mold splints, high and low voltage distribution boxes, and packaging machines.

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