The production process of FR-4 epoxy plate

The production process of FR-4 epoxy plate

FR-4 is the name of a kind of combustible material, which means that the resin material must be extinguished by its combustion state. It is not a material name but a material grade. So the FR-4 grade material used in the general circuit board is not often different, but most of it is so called. The four function of epoxy resin plus filler and glass fiber made of composite material.

What is the production process of the FR-4 epoxy plate?

Surface preparation and treatment of FR-4 epoxy glass cloth laminate products

1. after the copper surface is patterning and etching, the processing and contact of the PTFE surface will be reduced as far as possible.
2. the surface of PTFE after etching has enough roughness to bond.
3. the surface treatment of copper should ensure the best bonding strength.

glass epoxy board

Superposition and laminating

Recommended bonding (pressing or pressing) temperature: 425 (220 degrees)
1. bake the plate to remove the water.
2. the pressure field should be used between the tool plate and the first electrolytic plate, so that the pressure in the control panel can be evenly distributed.
3. The board must consist of a thin layer of TAC BOND supplied by the supplier. Be careful when cutting thin layers and stacking up to prevent pollution.
4. to assist laminating, vacuum treatment is carried out for 20 minutes before heating.
5. the thermocouple can be located at the periphery of the central panel to determine the temperature monitoring and the appropriate cycle.
6. The plate can be installed on the cold or preheated press platen.
7. once loaded into a press, pressure can be applied immediately.
8. keep hot pressing at 425? F (230 degrees) for at least 15 minutes.
9. in the lamination process, minimize the time of no pressure.

As a more and more important insulating material in industry, FR-4 epoxy plate has excellent physical, chemical properties and simple construction technology. It also has high performance price ratio, and its market progress is very wide. Zhongtian electrical equipment group has many years of production technology of epoxy panels and electrical materials. Welcome to inquire.

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