The necessity of the development of insulating materials

Insulating materials, as basic materials, have a wide range of applications. It is a key material to ensure reliable, long-lasting and safe operation of electrical equipment, especially electrical equipment. Its level will directly affect the development level and operation quality of the power industry.

With the development of the economy, the voltage level of transmission lines in China will be increased from 500kV to 750kV or 1000kV, and for every increase in the voltage level of transmission lines, the insulation system for power equipment must also be upgraded accordingly. Without high-performance insulating materials as a guarantee, from the generation of electricity, transmission and transformation to all electricity systems, local grid operation may become unstable, and in severe cases the entire grid will collapse.

Obviously, the advanced nature and stability of insulating materials are of great significance. In addition, it also has to meet the harsh requirements of harsh environments. Therefore, insulating materials play a very important role in improving the overall level of the country’s industry and promoting the stable and rapid development of the national economy.

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